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1" Scale Commonwealth Passenger Trucks

4 3/4" Gauge
Commonwealth Passenger Trucks
Elevation View

Another fine scale replica created by Jack Sessums and Andy Carlson for their 1" scale Orange Valley Western RR. This truck was used extensively under heavyweight Pullman cars during the standard era of railroading. This kit features Torrington needle bearing journals and authentic 36" wheelsets with hardened and ground axles. The trucks are fully equalized and have dummy leaf springs. We have sprung these trucks very lightly to assure accurate tracking and flexibility, as it is uncommon for 1" scale passenger cars to be used as riding cars. We do not offer operating brake rigging with this kit, but they do come with dummy brake shoes and hangers for the outer ends. All machine work has already been performed, requiring only drilling, tapping, and filling by the builder.

Catalog No. Description
4600 1" Scale Commonwealth Passenger Trucks (1 Pair)