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1" Scale Brake Gear Kits

(For 4 3/4" Gauge Only)
Brake Gear for Arch Bar Trucks
Brake Gear for all other Freight Trucks

These Brake Gear Kits feature an integral cast brake beam and shoe assembly. Included are the anchor and actuating links necessary for a complete mechanical braking system for any of our freight truck kits. The #7100 Arch Bar Brake Gear mounts on the spring plank, the #7200 Brake Gear rests in guides cast into the truck sideframes. The means of actuation and carbody rigging is left to the builder. We are currently working on an improved air brake system, call for details and availability.

We regret that we do not currently offer brake gear for 5" gauge trucks.

Catalog No. Description
7100 Brake Gear for 4 3/4" Gauge Arch Bar Trucks (1 Pair)
7200 Brake Gear for 4 3/4" Gauge Freight Trucks (1 Pair)